K-12 Educator Guidelines

K-12 Educator Incentive Program Guidelines
The Michigan Space Grant Consortium announces the MSGC K-12 Educator Incentive Program. This program is designed to (1) support teachers to attend conferences and workshops on mathematics, science, and technology and engage in educational enhancement activities in mathematics, science, and technology; and (2) purchase materials and supplies for an innovative instructional initiative. Activities associated with aerospace, aeronautics, space sciences, and Earth system science are preferred. This program is open to participation from K-12 teachers throughout the state.
Women, under-represented minorities, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Program Period
Open throughout the year.  Awards are distributed upon MSGC receipt of funding from NASA.

$400.00 maximum for conferences and workshops.
$200.00 maximum for materials and supplies.

Submission Requirements
1.  MSGC K-12 Educator Incentive Program funds for workshops and conferences will not exceed $400 to cover expenses such as registration fees and travel, and must be matched (at least one-to-one) with funds from non-federal sources (such as funds made available to support teacher training by the school or school district, PTA, or personal funds). Up to $200 may be requested for supplies. “In-kind” support (including the applicant’s time toward the matching requirement) will not qualify as matching funds. The source of matching funds must be identified in the application letter. Submit separate proposals if you are applying for conference/workshops or supplies. Please contact the MSGC Office should you need suggestions on preparing the budget.

2.  A letter describing the activity in which the applicant wishes to participate, or the instructional initiative, is required, along with a supporting letter from the principal of the school where the teacher is employed. Dates of activities and/or instructional initiatives must be included.  All letters must be dated.

3.  A report describing the activity and what was brought back to the classroom is required within six months following the event.

4.  Application letters are limited to one page. Biographical information on the teacher is limited to a one-page vita. Letters must include details on the funding requested as well as the source of the one-to-one match.

5. Please convert your proposal package into a single PDF file to ensure unhindered (platform-independent) review readability and send via e-mail to Bonnie Bryant at blbryant@umich.edu.

Please review the submission requirements carefully.  Please contact the MSGC office if you have any questions or concerns.  Proposals that are not submitted as described above will not be considered. Please do not mail a hardcopy of your proposal package.

Michigan Space Grant Consortium
University of Michigan, MSGC Director’s Office, (734) 764-9508
Prof. Alec D. Gallimore, Director
Ms. Bonnie L. Bryant, Administrator
Email: blbryant@umich.edu

Affiliate Representatives
Calvin College:  Prof. Deborah Haarsma, dhaarsma@calvin.edu
Eastern Michigan University:  Prof. James Sheerin, jsheerin@emich.edu
Grand Valley State University:  Prof. Bopi Biddanda, biddandb@gvsu.edu
Hope College:  Prof. Peter Gonthier, gonthier@hope.edu
Michigan State University:  Prof. Michael Velbel, velbel@msu.edu
Michigan Technological University:  Dr. Lorelle Meadows, lameadows@mtu.edu
Oakland University:  Prof. Laila Guessous, guessous@oakland.edu
Saginaw Valley State University:  Prof. Garry Johns, glj@svsu.edu
Wayne State University:  Prof. Darin Ellis, rdellis@wayne.edu
Western Michigan University:  Prof. Massood Atashbar, massood.atashbar@wmich.edu

Download Application Form
Application Form (.PDF)