Michigan Space Grant Consortium


The vision of the MSGC is to foster awareness of, education in, and research on space-related science and technology in Michigan. Its mission is to create, develop, and promote programs that support its vision and reflect NASA strategic interests, and cooperation between academia, industry, state and local government in space-related science and technology in Michigan.

MSGC Funding Opportunities

K-12 Educator Incentive Program: Available now

MSGC offers funding to (1) support K-12 teachers to attend STEM conferences/workshops and engage in STM educational enhancement activities; and (2) purchase materials and supplies for innovative instructional initiatives. For more details, see K-12 Educator Incentive Program.

MSGC Hands-On Experiences for College Student Groups: 2019-2020 funding cycle open

This new MSGC funding opportunity seeks proposals from college/university groups for experiences in science and engineering disciplines - active participation by students in hands-on learning rooted in NASA-related, STEM-focused questions and issues with the incorporation of real-life needs and problem-solving as the context for activities.

Applications are due January 15, 2019. Send to: bvyletel@umich.edu. All details are found in the application: MSGC Hands-On Experiences for College Student Groups

2020-2021 Funding Opportunities

MSGC offers the following funding opportunities in addition to the new Hands-On Experiences for College Student Groups, which will be added to website navigation in early 2019:

Undergraduate and graduate fellowships
Support for educational programs (K-12, public, and teacher training)
K-12 educator incentives
Research seed grants

Applications for 2019-2020 funding are now closed. The application cycle for 2020-2021 funding will follow this calendar:

Application acceptance begins: September 1, 2019
Application deadline: November 13, 2019
Awards announced: Early Spring 2020
Subaward agreements sent: Late Spring 2020

Abstracts of 2018-19 award recipients:
MSGC Educational Program Award Abstracts 2018
MSGC Graduate Award Abstracts 2018
MSGC Seed Grant Award Abstracts 2018
MSGC Undergradute Award Abstracts 2018

Download our Funding Opportunities Brochure.

MSGC 2018 Fall Conference

MSGC produced an extremely successful 2018 Fall Conference on Saturday, November 10. This annual event is an opportunity for the MSGC award recipients and other groups from academia, industry, and the local community to share their research experiences and knowledge in areas related to NASA strategic interests. This year, over 120 people and 50 presenters participated in the inspiring day. Download Participant Package.